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Mike Golic Names Biggest Regret Working At ESPN

Golic appeared on “StuPodity” with Jon “Stugotz” Wiener.



Courtesy: ESPN

While he was at ESPN, Mike Golic got to do many different things such as being the co-host of Mike & Mike, being a color commentator on Monday Night Football and college football games among other different things. However, there was one event this past weekend that Golic’s son got to do that he wished he was able to do.

Golic was a guest on the latest episode of StuPodity and he mentioned that while he got to interview competitive eaters on Mike & Mike, he never got to call the action at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island. Over the past two years, his son has had the chance to do that:

“One of my big regrets from ESPN is the fact I never got to be in Mike’s shoes and call the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. I’m happy a Golic got to do it,” said Golic Sr. 

Of course, the big story from that event was that the video feed went out at the end of the competition as Joey Chestnut was setting the record of 76 hot dogs and buns eaten in 10 minutes. Golic took the listeners behind the scenes to what his son can see from the monitor during the contest and why Golic Jr. didn’t apologize for the technical difficulty at the end of the broadcast: 

“In a booth, it depends on the monitors that you have. Mike only had the feed from the truck and his view. He actually had no idea that that happened, which is probably good because what happens is they clean it all up at the end for the re-air. People were saying why didn’t Mike say when they came back, sorry for the technical difficulties. There was a decision made because they didn’t know because of the type of monitor that was in their booth, the producer did not tell Mike that so they could get a clean feed for the re-air. They had no idea that it had gone out. It could not have been worse timing. I felt bad for him.”

Golic and StuGotz did talk about the big sports media story of the week in what has happened at ESPN with Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor. In Golic’s opinion, he thought somebody higher up at ESPN needed to get involved to help diffuse the situation: 

“Here’s my problem and it’s been my problem with a lot of things over time whether it’s at ESPN or anywhere else. It’s communication. Communicate more. You let this situation get bad…Somebody higher up at ESPN needs to get involved and say listen, you guys both work for this company, we’re all going to get in one room and we’re going to talk about this. The lack of face-to-face meetings with people to talk about anything, things that need to be talked about, to me is embarrassing.”

“This had been a year old. Somebody in leadership needs to step in and say ok, that person’s texting and you aren’t responding to the texts. No, we are going to the same room. We are going to be in the same room and talk about it. I have said this from Day 1 and I learned this from my parents, especially from my father. You deal with people face-to-face, voice-to-voice during COVID. Even if it is the aftermath and you are trying to clean things up, get face-to-face, somehow, someway. One party wanted to, the other didn’t, and that’s fine, but that’s when leadership needs to take charge.”

Since Golic’s last season in the NFL was in 1993, there are many people that tend to know him more as a broadcaster than when he was playing in the NFL. Golic does get asked which one he would like to be remembered as and it was an easy answer for him: 

“My equation is I have never woken up in the middle of the night from a great dream going oh my god, what a great segment that was with Stu. When I wake up from a great football dream, I sacked the quarterback, I caused a fumble, I had an interception. It’s kind of a weird situation.”

“While that’s so cool that I am in a couple of different Hall of Fames and I appreciate it and it’s a great honor, if you asked me would I rather be in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, there’s no comparison.”

Sports Online

Study Finds ESPN Leading Sports Media’s Gender & Racial Diversification

“Sports media at large made little progress towards a more diverse workplace as white-male influences are still dominant.”



Courtesy: TIDES

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) released a report card detailing race and gender among sports media recently for the first time since 2018. Dr. Richard Lapchick and his team at the University of Central Florida put together the report. Lapchick is the endowed chair at UCF’s Devos Sport Business Management Program.

Sports media at large made little progress towards a more diverse workplace as white, male influences are still dominant.

The 2021 Sports Media Racial and Gender Report Card: Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE) Racial and Gender Report Card showed minor improvements for the organization compared to 2018. APSE improved on its racial grade with a B-plus but still received an F in gender grade. 

“We need more women in this industry,” former APSE president Lisa Wilson said in an ESPN article. “We need those voices. We need that perspective. We need them making coverage and hiring decisions.”

Racial demographics showed a much larger improvement across the board in a few key areas. Something the Rainbow PUSH Coalition has been hard at work to change.

“The stories that are being told should reflect those on the field as well as the audiences that they reach,” The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, said to ESPN. “Dr. Lapchick’s report indicates there has been some progress, but the sports media world is still overwhelmingly white and male.”

Lapchick noted that ESPN is a big driver in sports media’s racial and gender equity growth, so much so that removing ESPN from the equation massively impacts diversity across the industry. 

Removing ESPN from the study brings the total female percentage of sports editors from 16.7% to 13.5% and columnists from 17.8% to 13.8%. The same is true on the racial side of the equation.

Taking ESPN out of the data completely, means sports editors of color would decrease from 20.8% to 18.9%, assistant sports editors from 27.7% to 22.7%, columnists from 22.9% to 18.1%, reporters from 22.9% to 22.5%, and total staffs from 23.5% to 22.0%.

ESPN takes plenty of heat in sports media circles, but they deserve a lot of respect and acknowledgment for how they have tried to level the playing field with their gender and racial hiring practices. 

Check out the full report here.

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Sports Online

Ariel Helwani To Produce Content For BetMGM

“Helwani noted how much he enjoys MGM properties every time he goes out to the Nevada desert for a big fight.”



Courtesy: BetMGM

MMA reporter Ariel Helwani announced on his Substack that he is joining BetMGM as a content producer. Helwani is cooking up content for the service leading up to UFC fight cards while having access to the sports book’s treasure trove of data for his analysis.

“I’m working with great people each and every day. This is the dream. But there was one more partnership I was looking to secure,” Ariel Helwani wrote in his announcement post. “As you all know, sports gaming has exploded in America, and, of course, it’s a massive part of the way people talk about and consume combat sports.”

Helwani has put on a bunch of different hats since leaving ESPN, including new roles with SB Nation, BT Sport, and The Ringer.

“So, I wanted to partner with a gaming company, too,” Helwani continued. “To provide content for and to share content leading up to events. This was big for me. And, truth be told, there was only one entity I wanted to team up with and only one that I actually spoke to: BetMGM.”

Ariel Helwani noted how much he enjoys MGM properties every time he goes out to the Nevada desert for a big fight. He also mentioned one key relationship that threaded his time at ESPN with this new role, his connection to BetMGM COO Ryan Spoon.

“Spoon was the digital content chief at ESPN during my time there,” Helwani wrote. “He’s a great guy. Very non-corporate, which is my style. I enjoyed working with him very much.

“Well, late last year, he announced that he would be leaving ESPN to become the new COO of BetMGM. I found this move to be fascinating on many levels, but it also told me that if Ryan was willing to leave a great gig at ESPN for BetMGM, BetMGM was a special place to be.”

Like so many ESPN ex-pats before him, Ariel Helwani is leveraging his brand just fine during a fresh stage of his career.

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All-22 Camera Returning To NFL Game Pass

“As of Sept. 23, the service hasn’t returned. Many buyers purchased Game Pass under the guise that All-22 would be included.”



Courtesy: NFL

Media members in and around the NFL can soon rejoice. 

Pro Football Talk is reporting that All-22 film capabilities are returning to NFL Game Pass today. All-22 is exactly what it sounds like; the viewer can see all 22 players on the field during any given play. The camera view from each end zone is one of the many angles NFL coaches use to break down film of their teams and opponents.

The service has not been accessible on Game Pass for months now, and it has hampered the media at large from diving into their NFL analysis.

“We are targeting the end of Week 1/early Week 2 for coaches film to be available,” an NFL spokesperson told PFT earlier this month via email. “The team has a demo scheduled for mid-week next week and will deploy accordingly.”

As of Sept. 23, the service hasn’t returned. Many buyers purchased Game Pass under the guise that All-22 would be included. So far, those promises aren’t being kept. Users were also upset about search functions being removed from the website.

They’ve been through this song and dance before with the new version of Game Pass. PFT also reported on an All-22 re-launch date in early August.

“According to the league,” Mike Florio wrote last month. “The goal is to return the all-22 film to Game Pass service by the start of the regular season. The technical interface to Game Pass has changed, and it could be a technical issue associated with the transition. Whatever the reason, the all-22 film will be back in time to watch the film from the 272 regular-season games to be played in 2021.”

Nearly a month into the 2021 NFL regular season and Game Pass is still having issues with its interface. With most media members still barred from locker rooms, reviewing film is one of the ways some reporters supplement their coverage.

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