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Big Cat, Dave Portnoy Lay Into Rico Bosco’s Work Ethic

“The contentious conversation continued to escalate after Portnoy said to Bosco “You get away with murder.”



Barstool Sports

On last Friday’s episode of the Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Company; Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy offered an ultimatum to sports gambling handicapper Rico Bosco. The details of the Ultimatum were simply that Rico Bosco had to be present in the Barstool office every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to co-host Barstool Sports daily gambling show called Picks Central.

If Bosco failed to comply with being present in the Barstool office on Monday, then Portnoy declared that Bosco would be replaced by his longtime sports gambling nemesis named Jeff Nadu. Fast-forward to Monday and Rico was nowhere to be found at the Barstool office.

The highly anticipated confrontation began with the co-host Eddie introducing Rico Bosco by saying “As you can see leading off here there’s a guest in the studio. We have Rico Bosco, who seems very unhappy”. Portnoy would quickly follow the introduction with “He seems unhappy with you Eddie, he called you sandwich boy”.

The contentious conversation continued to escalate after Portnoy said to Bosco “You get away with murder. You get away with more than anybody else. I said exactly what I was going to do. When in the history of Barstool did I do that with any employee where I tell them they have to be here on this day, and just didn’t show up. That’s the end of the company! You can’t respect your coach, you can’t respect your leader, you can’t respect your parents…”.

After a few small back-and-forths between Portnoy and Bosco, Big Cat took a shot at explaining the principle of the ultimatum. Big Cat said, “…we got a horse, we want him to run. Sometimes he walks and sometimes he runs. When we put a carrot in front of you named Nadu-du-du (referencing Bosco’s rival Jeff Nadu) you run faster than any horse I have ever seen in my life. When you eat the carrot you then trot and trot and trot”.

Portnoy followed Big Cat’s analogy by telling Bosco “Your bread and butter is Pick Em’ (Barstool Sports gambling show) and college football”. This is when Bosco finally made an effort in defending his honor by saying “I need an opportunity here”.

He then completely erupted and starting screaming “PICK EM’, PICK EM’, PICK EM’, AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL… OVERLAPPED WITH BENCH MOB (Barstool Sports podcast on college basketball)”. He continued to yell “THEY DON’T DO IT IN JULY. FIND ME A COLLEGE GAME BEING PLAYED RIGHT NOW…”.

The conversation then switched gears to the topic of Rico Bosco making bad gambling picks as of late. To sum everything up Portnoy thought Rico Bosco was becoming complacent. Portnoy wanted to motivate Bosco with the consequence of getting his job taken by a rival handicapper (Jeff Nadu). Only time will tell if Rico Bosco finally learned the lesson that some things are bigger than sports.

Sports Online

New Podcast Features Recordings Of Kobe Bryant From High School

“The first two episodes are available now. Ten more are on the way.”



iHeartMedia has a new podcast that will let basketball fans hear from the late Kobe Bryant during one of the biggest transitions of his life. Bryant and his high school basketball coach planned to right a book together and recorded several conversations during Kobe’s senior year and into his first NBA season. Those recordings are now the basis of a new podcast called I Am Kobe. Jeremy Treatman, Bryant’s high school coach, rediscovered the tapes during a recent move according to The Hollywood Reporter

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to present this rare inside look into Kobe Bryant’s formative years and tell his story through these never-before-heard tapes,” says journalist Mike Sielski, who will serve as the host of the show.

He is also turning some of the conversations into a book The Rise: Kobe Bryant and the Pursuit of Immortality.

I Am Kobe is a joint venture from Diversion Podcasts and iHeartMedia. The first two episodes are available now. Ten more are on the way.

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Sports Online

Twitter Seriously Looking At Sports Betting Options

“The company is learning that fans want to talk about sports on Twitter and not necessarily watch games there.”



Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter is experiencing growth in sports, and it’s sparked considerations on the sports betting front as well. According to Front Office Sports, tweets sent on the social media platform during NFL games are up 11% this year and unique college football tweeters are up 35%.

The company is learning that fans want to talk about sports on Twitter and not necessarily watch games there.

“We’ve learned significantly over the years of what is the best use case for live on Twitter for our users,” Twitter U.S. Sports Partnerships manager David Herman told FOS. “It’s not like ‘live’ doesn’t exist with our partnerships, it’s just not necessarily the full game like it was in many of those early executions. That’s from learning both what our users like and what advertisers are interested in.”

One example Herman brought up is Twitter’s airing of the first five minutes from FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff. The stream features a fan poll that picks which camera that broadcast is shown on.

Another large growth area for engagement has been sports betting. Twitter told FOS that sports-betting-related tweets are up 22% this season.

“Every single day, there’s more and more conversation and more and more happening in the sports betting world,” Herman said. “We think Twitter is a platform that plays well into gambling-related conversations. We’re live. We’re real-time. That’s what betting is. Betting and gambling have long been a core component of sports conversations on Twitter. Now things are legalized, more sports betting brands can be advertisers on Twitter than in the past, and as leagues are partners with official betting operators, it’s getting more visibility and exposure on a daily basis.”

Don’t be surprised if the social media platform experiments with its own sportsbook technology.

“We are consistently looking for new ways to enhance the user experience, and at some point, as it relates to betting, that could be great,” Herman said. “There are a lot of complicated components for us. There are only certain states where it’s legal so far, so we are still evaluating the space as a whole.”

Read the full story from FOS here.

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Sports Online

Scottie Pippen Writes That Michael Jordan Ruined Basketball

“I may go as far to say Mike ruined basketball.”



Scottie Pippen has had a lot of ridiculous things to say about former teammate and NBA legend Michael Jordan, and it seems that he is not done yet.

Pippen recently released his memoir, Unguarded which challenges a lot of what Pippen believes was wrong in The Last Dance documentary, which Michael Jordan had editorial control over.

You have to buy the book though to read Scottie Pippen’s most shocking critique of Michael Jordan.

“I may go as far to say Mike ruined basketball,” Pippen writes. “In the 80s on the playgrounds, you’d have everyone moving the ball around — passing to help the team. That stopped in the 90s. Kids wanted to be ‘Like Mike.’ Well, Mike didn’t want to pass, didn’t want to rebound, or defend the best player. He wanted everything done for him.”

This sounds like the same type of people who say Stephen Curry ruined the game of basketball with how many three-point attempts he makes every game. On the contrary, both of them transformed the game of basketball into a game where guards are much more of a focal point than before.

And that is just on the court. Off of it, Jordan transcended the game of basketball and brought it into the spotlight. Without him, it is extremely possible that we wouldn’t view the game the same way in the national media as we do today.

Scottie Pippen also said that he was a far better teammate than Michael Jordan, which is just as hard to believe as his first statement considering Scottie wouldn’t take the court in the final seconds of a playoff game against the Knicks because the winning play was drawn up for Tony Kukoc and not him in the year Jordan retired.

Plenty of sports media commentators have said that Scottie seems very jealous in the passages of Unguarded that have been released.

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