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Craig Carton Reveals Guest Hosts For Evan Roberts’s Vacation

“Evan Roberts is taking a sabbatical this week, prompting Carton to reach into the bullpen and reel in some big names to host the show with him.”



Courtesy: Lars Niki/Getty Images for BMG

America is home to some of the hardest workers on the planet. Year after year people in all types of fields leave paid time off on the table. Vacations are an important way to reset and let off steam.

WFAN’s Craig Carton checked that box last week, and now he is back in the Carton & Roberts host chair, ready to roll. Evan Roberts is now taking his sabbatical, prompting Carton to reach into the bullpen and reel in some big names to host the show with him.

The headliners start rolling in on Tuesday when Carton welcomes former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie onto the show as his co-host. Christie and Carton get started immediately following the Yankees afternoon game on WFAN.

Christie was on WFAN’s radar in years past as a permanent host when the Mike Francesca Era was winding down in 2017. Christie guest-hosted Boomer and Carton multiple times when Carton was still on the morning show.

“I would certainly at least want to consider him,” former-WFAN program director Mark Chernoff said in 2017 about whether Christie could be a candidate to replace Francesa. “If he’s interested and we’re interested, it’s worth pursuing.”

Carton revealed actor and director Kevin Connolly is his co-host on Wednesday’s show. Connolly is a massive New York sports fan and is most well known for his role as “E” on HBO’s Entourage.

Craig hasn’t yet revealed who will grace the studio for Thursday’s show but he did announce the capper for the week. Barstool Sports’ Willie Colon will co-host with Carton on Friday. Colon hosts Barstool Breakfast along with an NFL podcast for the company. 

The Hofstra grad played all along the offensive line in his nine-year NFL career, the final three of which being played in a New York Jets uniform. Listen to all of the guest hosts appearing on Carton & Roberts this week by going to

Sports Radio News

Rich Eisen: Kyrie Is A Voice For Same People That Told Him ‘Shut Up and Dribble’

“Irving is unvaccinated and cannot enter Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden under Brooklyn and New York City COVID-19 protocols.”



Courtesy: The Rich Eisen Show

Kyrie Irving has been a hot topic all month in sports media. The subject came to a head this week when the Brooklyn Nets confirmed they will not carry Irving on their team as a part-time player. 

Irving is unvaccinated and cannot enter Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden under Brooklyn and New York City COVID-19 protocols. No one but Irving seems to truly understand the motivation for him not being vaccinated, but sources told The Athletic that he wants to be “a voice for the voiceless,” which made no sense to Rich Eisen.

“Voiceless? All you got to do is turn on Fox News every night. And they’re the most-watched cable network on cable television,” Eisen said on The Rich Eisen Show.

“Kyrie Irving is right now telling his Nets teammates he’s taking up the mantle for the voiceless?” Eisen continued. “And I’ll just tell you this Kyrie…a lot of those voiceless thought that you speaking up with your voice on behalf of social justice, you should have ‘shut up and dribbled.’”

Irving has long been a proponent of social justice and equality across all walks of life. From Breonna Taylor’s killing to Eric Garner being choked to death by police seven years ago, Irving has stood and made his voice heard on plenty of difficult subjects. The very same subjects that Eisen said Irving’s current supporters ridiculed the shooting guard for.

“And if you want to take up a voice for the voiceless – use your voice!” Eisen declared. “Which you didn’t do when you had a press conference elsewhere because you didn’t take the vaccine for an unspecified reason, that if this is the specified reason – I don’t get.”

Brooklyn is less than a week away from tipping off their 2021 campaign against the Milwaukee Bucks, and it’s unknown whether one of their top players will ever suit up this season.

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Sports Radio News

Gregg Giannotti: Brian McKeon is ‘Morphing Into Mike Francesa’

“Giannotti and Boomer Esiason got a kick out of the uncanny resemblance to Francesca’s tone and cadences.”



Courtesy: WFAN

Gregg Giannotti had fun with one of his co-workers this week when he heard a clip of WFAN overnight host Brian McKeon. The Boomer & Gio host listened to McKeon talk about his experience becoming an EMT during the pandemic and thought it sounded a lot like one of the famous hosts that helped build WFAN.

“So this is our overnight guy, Brian McKeon; I like him, did a nice job,” Giannotti began saying. “He was our EMT when I ate the buffalo wings. So he became an EMT during the pandemic. Some guys calls up, and he’s talking about how COVID isn’t real and all this stuff.

“So then Brian McKeon launches into this thing about how he’s an EMT, but I swear he sounds just like a 24-year-old Mike Francesa.”

The producers rolled the clip, which features McKeon explaining his experience around COVID-19 as an EMT and a few signature “ok’s” that Francesa fans know all too well.

“Let me tell you something from my own experience, ok?” McKeon said as he began to unknowingly channel the sports pope. “As I explained prior, I became an EMT during the pandemic, ok? I was out there helping people. I experienced the Coronavirus. Head on. On an ambulance. I’ve been on Coronavirus floors. In hospitals, ok? I’ve seen it firsthand; take it from me.”

Giannotti and Boomer Esiason got a kick out of the uncanny resemblance to Francesca’s tone and cadences. 

“Is that not perfect?!” Giannotti said to the audience. “I have been there, ok?” Giannotti declared as he emulated McKeon. “I have seen the ventilators go in, ok? I have been there. I’m an EMT now, ok? So you can’t tell me it’s not real, ok? Because it’s real.”

Giannotti landed on a mixture of John Jastremski and Francesa as the best way to describe what he heard from McKeon. Catch Boomer & Gio on WFAN every weekday from 6-10 a.m. ET.

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Sports Radio News

Led By Common Man & T-Bone, 97.1 The Fan Produces Monster Summer Book

“Common Man and T-Bone delivered a station best 18.0 share to finish 1st overall in afternoons from 3p-6p, picking up 3.2 points year over year.”



Columbus sports radio was alive and well in the summer book. The market’s leading brand, 97.1 The Fan, enjoyed strong performances across the board. The station finished 1st in weekday prime (M-F 6a-7p) with a 12.8 share. A 1st place finish was also produced for the full week (M-SU 6a-Mid) courtesy of an 11.6 share. All numbers in this article are for Men 25-54 unless noted otherwise.

The weekday shows produced similar stories. One of the most dominant performances for the quarter came from the afternoon show, Common Man and T-Bone. Mike Ricordati and Jonathan Smith delivered a station best 18.0 share to finish 1st overall in afternoons from 3p-6p. The show also picked up an incredible 3.2 points year over year.

The next best performing show on the station was the midday team of Beau Bishop and James Laurinaitis. Their 9a-12p show also took 1st during the hours of 9a-12p with a 12.2 share. The midday show also grew year over year, gaining 2.5 points and moving up from 3rd.

During the hours of Noon to 3p ET, the station’s combination of Anthony Rothman and Matt ‘Ice’ Hayes produced an 11.8 share to secure 1st place. The only minor setback for the show was the loss of 1.1 points year over year. Given that they’re popping double digit shares and locking up 1st place finishes in the summer of 2020 and 2021, I’m sure they won’t lose any sleep over it.

The one show for the quarter that didn’t finish 1st was the morning show. The Morning Juice with Brandon Beam and Bobby Carpenter came in 5th with a 6.9 between the hours of 6a-9a. The show did though gain two tenths of a point year over year.

A few other nuggets from the book worth passing along. The Fan’s full week production among Adults 25-54 placed them 4th with a 7.0 share. They were also 3rd for the full week with Persons 12+ with a 6.9. In weekday prime, the station tied for 3rd place with an 8.2 share with Adults 25-54 and came in 3rd with Persons 12+ with a 7.7. Even more impressive was the performance of Common Man and T-Bone with both of those categories. The show was 1st overall in afternoons with an 11.6 with Adults 25-54, and 1st overall with Persons 12+ with a 9.0 share.

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