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Conservative Pundit: Female Reporters Want To Make Football More Gentle

“Political commentators that want to use sports to make a point always come in with some hot takes.”



Matt Walsh, a conservative media provocateur, isn’t thrilled with what he feels has become a feminization of pro football. The Daily Wire host weighed in on Lindsey Gough, the Savannah reporter that posted a video of fans harassing her and touching her and her equipment during Georgia’s win over Clemson on Saturday.

According to Walsh, the problem in the video wasn’t people putting their hands on the reporter and her work equipment. It is that women can’t just be cool about the situation!

“I must say, this situation only demonstrates why I, personally, prefer for sports broadcasts, especially football broadcasts, to be handled mostly by men. Lindsey, though worse than the average — even as far as female sports reporters go — is definitely not the only female to enter into this mostly male space and seek to feminize it. She wants the football stadium to be quiet and gentle, considerate, respectful of personal space. She wants it to be a more feminine environment. She’s not trying to assimilate herself into the culture of football fans, she is rather hoping that they assimilate themselves to her.”

Political commentators weighing in on sports issues is nothing new. But suggesting that pro football has lost some of its edge due to women reporters trying to insert their influence over it is a hill that not many media members have been willing to die on.

“This phenomenon is so far-reaching in football especially that they’re even changing the rules now to make the game itself more gentle and feminine,” Walsh continued. “Football, you know, is still violent, but it’s less violent than it used to be. This year they’re even focusing on penalizing players who say mean or rude things to each other on the football field. They’ve been doing this during the pre-season in the NFL. 

“All of this, along with the token female sideline reporters and the female analysts at half-time – it’s an effort to make the game less appealing to the people the game was invented for to begin with.”

It should be noted that “penalizing players who say mean or rude things to each other” is nothing new. That’s called “unsportsmanlike conduct” and it always comes with a 15-yard penalty.

For the record, Walsh had nothing to say about Rece Davis and Kirk Herbstreit, two of ESPN’s top college football voices. The duo discussed how poodles should have their hair cut once things got out of hand between Ole Miss and Louisville.

Sports Online

First Sportsbook Opens In Wisconsin

This new sportsbook may set off a domino affect within the state, as other tribal nations are expected to eventually request permission to follow suit.



The state of Wisconsin now has tits first sportsbook operator. The Oneida Nation opened its sportsbook Tuesday inside the tribe’s main casino near Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed an agreement in July clearing the way for the sportsbook, and now the Oneida Nation tribe is cashing in.

It is the first location within the state of Wisconsin that people can legally wager on college and professional sporting events. There is one major exception. Betting on Wisconsin-based college games is still not allowed.

This new sportsbook may set off a domino affect within the state, as other tribal nations are expected to eventually request permission to follow suit. The Potawatomi Nation, which has a hotel and casino in Milwaukee, was the first to go on record as saying it has an interest.

“The Potawatomi look forward to bringing sports betting to Milwaukee in the future,” the tribe said in a recent statement, though they did not cite a time frame.

The Ho-Chunk Nation, which operates casinos in multiple Wisconsin locations including Wisconsin Dells, Madison, Tomah and Nekoosa, said Tuesday it plans to offer sports betting at multiple gaming sites.

“We are going to do it. It’s just a matter of when,” spokesman Ken Luchterhand said. “It will be a very quick turn-around. We’re going to hit the ground running.”

Adam Thompson, a senior handicapper for the site and a former Green Bay Press-Gazette sports editor, said betting that’s technically illegal is hugely popular, so it’s a no-brainer to open a legal sportsbook in Wisconsin.

“We know people are going to bet,” he said, “so why not have them do it here?”

“Sports betting is nothing new in the state of Wisconsin,” Oneida Vice Chairman Brandon Stevens said Tuesday morning. “But legal sports gambling is.”

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Sports Online

Erika Nardini Gives Podcast Listeners Advice On Professional Reviews

“Have a good plan going in, and I think your boss will appreciate the level of thought that you have put into your role.”



Earlier this month, Barstool CEO Erika Nardini offered up some career advice on Instagram, speaking from the experience of pursuing multiple different ventures throughout her lifetime.

Nardini has taken to social media again through her podcast, Token CEO. She has some advice for people looking to secure positive end-of-year reviews from their employer.

“We’ve kicked off our end-of-year reviews at Barstool. I think end-of-year reviews can be kind of anxiety-ridden, they can make you feel anxious. You are wondering what your bonus is going to look like,” said Nardini.

Erika Nardini had some valuable advice for those unsure of what to put in their end-of-year review.

“Don’t wait for November or December when the review starts to start thinking about what you are going to say in your review. Think about the year behind you. What’d you accomplish? What did you learn? What went well? Be self-critical, what didn’t go well?

“The biggest thing that I think you can do when you are going into your review is to really have your head around what is it that you want to convey to your manager and what do you want to hear in return? What is it that you want to accomplish out of the review?”

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy named Erika Nardini the company’s first CEO in 2016 while appointing himself chief of content. Since then, she has hired and reviewed several employees. Her advice is certainly valuable.

“Have a good plan going in, and I think your boss will appreciate the level of thought that you have put into your role, and you should expect and want the same thing in return.”

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Sports Online

Darren Rovell Signs Extension With Action Network

“The trajectory of growth in this industry over the last three years has been incredible and I’m thrilled to be a part of this ride.”



Darren Rovell has been at The Action Network since he left ESPN in 2018, and it appears that he isn’t going anywhere else anytime soon.

Rovell wrote an article on the company’s website discussing all of the reasons that he felt staying with the network was the right move for him.

“Over the past couple months, as my original deal with The Action Network was coming to a close, I was confronted with the choice of whether to return or to take my brand to one of those cushy sportsbook deals,” said Rovell. “At The Action Network, I am surrounded by a team that is uniquely talented at executing best-in-class data-driven sports betting content with such aplomb. Combine that with the resources given to us thanks to our acquisition by Better Collective this past year and I felt it would be virtually impossible to build the structure we have here anywhere else.”

The details of how long Rovell will agree to continue to be at the network are unclear at this point. It seems that Rovell is content doing exactly what he has been at The Action Network.

“You can count on me to continue to tell you what’s happening at the sportsbooks, to report the big bets and the bettors making them and to keep you updated on anything topical that could count as gambling these days from sports memorabilia to NFTs,” he added.

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