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Past & Present Cast Say Goodbye to ESPN’s Highly Questionable

“Prominent ESPN talents like Mina Kimes, Bomani Jones, Izzy Gutierrez, and Pablo Torre all cut their teeth on the program.”



Courtesy: ESPN

Highly Questionable is on its way out of the ESPN TV lineup after a 10-year run. The show built up a strong following over the years and helped foster the TV talents of many prominent ESPN voices.

The brainchild of Dan Le Batard kept rolling when the podcaster left ESPN earlier this year. Le Batard created a unique program that recorded at the Clevelander Hotel before pandemic restrictions turned it into a Zoom-show. 

Le Batard and his dad, Papi, were the lifeblood of the program. The eldest Le Batard would keep guests on their toes with zany takes and pranks. Highly Questionable became a flagship for fun sports discussions and Papi played a large role.

Le Batard highlighted his dad’s early thoughts on the show during his final appearance in January.

“My father confided in me recently that he thought the show was too strange and would be cancelled within its first six weeks,” Le Batard said. “A damn, decade. This isn’t the most glamorous, crisscrossing, spotlight, show biz ending I imagined on a bad lighting Zoom call during a pandemic at 2:30 in the afternoon on ESPN2, but it’s finally time to go.”

Le Batard tweeted his thoughts on Kellerman replacing the show he helped create.

“Hell of a run. Not many tv shows last a decade,” Le batard tweeted. “Papi and I are proud of it all, including the duck fart of a grand finale in the tv graveyard of 2 pm on ESPN2. Also, Max will look older than Lee Corso by December, aging a decade every month doing morning radio and this.”

Prominent ESPN talents like Mina Kimes, Bomani Jones, Izzy Gutierrez, and Pablo Torre all cut their teeth on the program. That crew, along with other HQ alumni, shared their thoughts on the show.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. M James

    September 16, 2021 at 10:34 pm

    Wow. The rare program that actually dignifies sport, respects athletes as artists and crafts persons gets cancelled. Also, diversity and intelligence count. Not much else to follow on ESPN; too many smart-by-half commentators.

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Sports TV News

Louis Riddick Explains How MNF Production Meetings Work

“Riddick expounded more on the production meetings with coaches, including one with a particular Bay Area play-caller.”



Courtesy: ESPN Images

The Monday Night Football campaign is in full swing, and The Athletic’s Robert Mays had MNF analyst Louis Riddick on The Athletic Football Show to discuss his weekly routine for putting on a top-notch broadcast.

Riddick dove into the process each week and discussed which coach has impressed him the most during his time in the booth. Tuesdays are a rest and recovery day after traveling home — then the process starts on Wednesday.

“We kinda have a, from a booth perspective, between Steve Levy, Brian Griese, myself, and then Phil Dean the producer and Jimmy Platt, the director. Us five get together and just discuss the previous week’s game and whatever we want to bring up that is positive or negative,” Riddick described to Mays on the show.

The brain trust discusses play breakdowns, production, and situations that popped up during the game. Next up is choosing the important voices for the next game that they want to speak to.

“We give Phil the list of coaches and players that we think are important to talk to,” Riddick said. “He sends that into that team’s PR department, and then usually they say yay or no. Most teams are very, very good with giving us the players that we want because it’s better for them. They know the more we highlight them, the better it is for them.”

Riddick expounded more on the production meetings with coaches, including one with a particular Bay Area play-caller.

“I would say our meeting with [San Francisco 49ers head coach] Kyle Shanahan,” Riddick answered. “Before we did the Bills game down in Arizona because they had to move from Santa Clara because of what was happening was some of the best football conversations I’ve ever had in my life, quite honestly. From team building, coach-player relationships, X’s and O’s, the opponent, what he learned from his father, what he feels specifically that running backs need to have and why… It was fricken incredible, incredible.”

Riddick can be seen on Monday Night Football breaking down all the action throughout the 2021 NFL season. Listen to the full episode here.

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Sports TV News

Women in Sports Media Celebrate Kate Scott Joining 76ers

“The west coast native is heading east to continue pursuing her dreams, and she received a ton of support from the women throughout sports media this week.”



Courtesy: NBC Sports Philadelphia

Kate Scott is breaking new ground, and the sports broadcasting community took notice.

Scott joined Lisa Byington as the only full-time female voices of NBA franchises when the Philadelphia 76ers announced her addition this week. She replaces longtime TV play-by-play voice Marc Zumoff.

“Being the voice of the 76ers is a dream come true,” Scott said to NBC Sports Philadelphia. “As a kid playing hoops alone in my driveway, I actually used to imagine I was Allen Iverson; the clock would wind down in my head, people would scream, ‘You’re too small! You don’t belong!’ But I’d fade away, hit the shot, and the crowd in my mind would go wild.

“To now get the opportunity to be the voice of that team is incredible, and I look forward to earning the respect and trust of the phenomenal city of Philadelphia, and 76ers fans everywhere, one call and one game at a time.”

Scott seemingly busts down barriers every year. She recently became the first woman to call Olympic men’s basketball as part of NBC Sports’ coverage of Tokyo 2020, where she covered both men’s and women’s games.

“Kate’s energy, passion, and tremendous knowledge of the game of basketball made her the ideal candidate to usher in a new era of 76ers basketball on NBC Sports Philadelphia,” Philadelphia 76ers President of Business Operations Chris Heck said. “We’re thrilled that she’ll call our city home and look forward to the lasting connections and memories she’ll make with the best fans in sports. Kate and Alaa [Abdelnaby] are a dynamic broadcast pairing that 76ers fans will enjoy watching on the call this season and beyond.”

The west coast native is heading east to continue pursuing her dreams, and she received a ton of support from women throughout sports media this week.

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Sports TV News

ESPN Taking Sunday NFL Countdown To Foxboro

ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown show will be live from Gillette Stadium on October 3rd.



Via Boston Globe

Tom Brady going against his former team the New England Patriots is something that every NFL fan will be front and center next Sunday. It seems that ESPN is no exception, as they have announced that Sunday NFL Countdown show will be live from Gillette Stadium on October 3rd.

Will ESPN bring in some Boston-centric guests? It is possible, although the Sunday NFL Countdown crew already features two former Patriots in Randy Moss and Tedy Bruschi and a former Boston College quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck. Even Rex Ryan is tangentially connected to the Patriots, having coached two of the team’s division rivals.

The dynamic between these charismatic former players and coach in a live show setting should be one that the fans should be very excited for.

For the live show, ESPN is encouraging all fans to come out to watch free of charge starting at 10 a.m EST. For those who come an hour early to the show, there will be a giveaway starting at 9 a.m.

Kickoff for the actual game will be at 8:20 p.m EST on NBC. In that way, this won’t feel entirely different from College GameDay at ESPN, with the show in the morning before all of the kickoffs and the big game not until primetime.

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