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Steve Kerr Talks About Podcast Experience, Relationship With Bill Simmons

“Kerr is an avid podcast listener and was quick to answer host Dax Holt when asked which of his players would make the best host.”



Courtesy: Podsauce

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr appeared on Podsauce last week to discuss his favorite podcasts, which Warrior’s player would make the best podcast host, plus, his relationship with Bill Simmons and The Ringer.

Kerr is an avid podcast listener and was quick to answer host Dax Holt when asked which of his players would make the best host.

 “Andre [Iguodala],” Kerr quickly answered before saying the veteran NBA forward could “talk about anything he wanted.”

“Give him the mic,” Kerr continued. “He’s just got this really interesting, diverse personality, background, education. He’s really aware of what’s happening politically, socially. He’s knee-deep in the tech world, Silicon Valley. He’s an NBA historian. He asks me about the Bulls back in the day because he grew up watching those teams. He could talk about Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan comfortably either way, and he’s also just got a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor. So, he’d be great.”

Kerr built up a working relationship with Simmons over his years calling games for TNT, and he ended up working with “The Sports Guy” during the pandemic. Kerr co-hosted Flying Coach with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

“It was really fun,” Kerr said about doing the show. “We had great guests, and a lot of interesting conversations…I could see doing it down the road after I’m done coaching…This was specifically a pandemic project…We raised a bunch of money for the Warriors Foundation, Seahawks Foundation.”

The Warriors head coach was a frequent guest on Simmons’s podcast as an analyst and still makes appearances as a coach.

“Bill and I have known each other for a long time, and when I was in the TV world working for TNT, and he was working for ESPN, we would cross paths quite a bit, and he asked me to be on the show, and I went on it. I ended up going on it four or five times just as an NBA observer. After I left the TV world and became the Warriors coach, I continued to do his show once every couple of years. Since I’ve been a coach I’ve probably done it like three times.”

Catch the full Podsauce conversation with Kerr above.

Sports Online

ESPN To Celebrate Dick Vitale During 2021 V Week

“Raising funds for cancer research is a long-standing tradition at ESPN.”



ESPN’s 15th annual V Week for cancer research and awareness begins today, and ESPN has a whole bunch of promotions in store for the special event.

ESPN is launching the Campaign for a Cause: ESPN and the V Foundation x StockX, which allows fans to have a chance to win celebrity sneakers and memorabilia during V Week through StockX’s Campaign for a Cause benefiting the V Foundation.

Celebrities involved in the campaign include Drake, Kevin Durant, Mike Krzyzewski, Nyjah Huston, Naomi Osaka, and more.

A new addition to V Week is is the development of #VStrongBaby to show support for ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale, who returned to call his first game of the men’s college basketball season last Tuesday after being diagnosed with lymphoma in October. The hashtag is accompanied by a customized heart emoji in honor of the legendary commentator, which ESPN will feature throughout V Week.

ESPN also continues on in funding the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund, which continues to address health inequities that exist in cancer.

“The ongoing pandemic has continued to disrupt the critical need to fundraise for cancer research and address the health disparities impacting people of color in their fight against cancer,” said Kevin Martinez, vice president of ESPN Corporate Citizenship. “Raising funds for cancer research is a long-standing tradition at ESPN, and we are committed to continuing our work to close the gap in cancer disparities experienced by patients of minority populations and improve their outcomes.”

Along with these traditions, the Jimmy V Men’s and Women’s classics take place next week. The Men’s Classics begin Tuesday, December 7, followed by the Women’s Classics on Sunday, December 12, all airing live on ESPN.

Since the V Foundation’s inception in 1993, ESPN has helped raise more than $142 million in the fight to end cancer. Direct donations can be made at

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Sports Online

Outkick Planning Live Pregame Show For Georgia vs Alabama

Chad Withrow, Jonathan Hutton and Jill Savage will host the show, with Clay Travis joining in periodically throughout the show.



Alabama versus Georgia is sure to be the talk of the college football world this week. The game will have huge implications on the College Football Playoff selection the following day.

Outkick has announced that it will be covering the SEC Championship Game this Saturday with its own live show from Atlanta.

Kickoff for the actual game is scheduled for 4 p.m. Eastern. But you can get a head start with Clay Travis and OutKick the Tailgate pregame show long before that, with their broadcast starting at 1:30 EST.

Chad Withrow, Jonathan Hutton and Jill Savage will host the show, with Clay Travis joining in periodically throughout.

The Outkick the Tailgate pregame show will be taking place live in Atlanta, Georgia at STATS Brewpub not far from the game taking place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Those who are in attendance for the live show can enter for a chance to win merchandise autographed by Alabama coach Nick Saban and receive other prizes as well.

Those who cannot be in attendance can watch via live stream either on the Outkick Youtube channel or on Twitter where full coverage of the pregame show will be aired. It will also be aired on the Outkick website.

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New York Sports Media Reacts To Mets’ Gigantic Max Scherzer Deal

Many notable names in New York Sports Radio have taken to social media to let the world know their feelings on the move by the Mets.



The New York Mets have agreed with pitcher Max Scherzer on a three-year deal that is worth an obscene amount of money. The excitement around the team feels to be at a new high in the city of New York.

Many notable names in New York sports radio have taken to social media to let the world know their feelings on the move by the Mets.

There is no understating the significance of this move by the New York Mets. Max Scherzer is a three-time Cy Young winner and one of the most prolific pitchers in the sport for the last decade, winning 190 games over his 13-year career.

It is worth noting however that the Mets have had a notorious history of giving out bad contracts to veteran players, with players like Pedro Martinez, Bobby Bonilla, and Mo Vaughn just to name a few as examples.

This is just one of many big signings that the Mets have already made this offseason. They have already added Starling Marte, Eduardo Escobar, and Mark Canha to the team as well.

Max Scherzer will be making $130 million over the duration of the three-year contract. The $43.33 million average annual salary sets a record, surpassing the $36 million New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole is averaging after signing a nine-year, $324 million contract in 2019.

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