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Caller Thanks Michael Kay For Helping Him Get Through Covid

“I’ve been here a month already, and [these] four hours every day… [help] me get through the day.”



Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been receiving extensive amounts of backlash for comments he made last Friday on The Pat McAfee Show regarding his decision not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The story has received substantial coverage on virtually every news outlet, late-night show and sports program across multiple platforms. After it was reported that Rodgers was stunned at the reaction to his comments, Rodgers returned to The Pat McAfee Show yesterday to clarify the situation.

“I made some comments that people might have felt were misleading… and to anybody who felt [that], I take full responsibility for those comments,” said Rodgers. “I understand that this issue, in general, is very charging to a lot of people because we are talking about public health. I totally respect that. I made a decision that was in the best interest based on consulting with my doctors… and I understand that not everybody is going to understand that necessarily. But I respect everybody’s opinion.”

On Tuesday afternoon, cast of The Michael Kay Show on 98.7 ESPN New York spoke about Rodgers’ reappearance on The Pat McAfee Show, and gave their thoughts on the 37-year-old quarterback’s shock towards the negative reaction regarding his comments.

Don La Greca touched on Rodgers’ lack of sensitivity in discussing the precarious subject of vaccination against COVID-19, ahead of a powerful moment on the show.

“Clearly, he’s clueless about the current climate in this country,” said La Greca. “[He] just didn’t realize how polarizing the subject is, and his opinion is. I guess when you surround yourself with people that are like-mind [sic], you figure, ‘Well, everyone’s going to understand what I’m saying.’ Then, he realized that over half the country thinks he’s a tool.”

Almost as if on cue, the hosts took a call from a man named Alan, who, although he is vaccinated, has been in the hospital for the last month battling COVID-19. He spoke openly about his predicament and Aaron Rodgers’ situation as a whole.

“Anybody that doesn’t get the shot — you’re crazy,” said the caller. “The doctor told me when I got here, ‘Did you get the vaccine?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘You have a good chance of walking out of here.’ If I didn’t he actually said I did not. I have a 20-year-old, 26-year-old, and a lonely wife, and I can’t imagine not ever being with them. So when I listen to the Aaron Rodgers stuff, I can’t understand him or anybody that wouldn’t take this vaccine.”

The caller then expressed his gratitude towards The Michael Kay Show during this difficult time in his life, a moment that represents the power radio still garners in today’s oversaturated media landscape.

“I’ve been here a month already, and [these] four hours every day… [help] me get through the day,” said Alan. “It’s invaluable… Even though I’m here and I’m really sick, I’m going to get out of here in a couple weeks. But I wouldn’t [be] If I didn’t have a shot. So please, all you listeners, don’t play around — it’s not a joke.”

Kay and the rest of the on-air crew sent Alan their regards, telling him that they would keep him in their thoughts and look forward to hearing from him when he was discharged from the hospital. Through it all, they will continue to be there for him, and Alan will continue to tune in — congeniality derived from calamity.

“Whether you are for [the vaccine] or against it,” said Rosenberg, “if you are in a situation where you are lonely, I love that we give you four hours a day where you know you have some friends to hang out with.”

Sports Radio News

Kirk Herbstriet Wants To Be Held To Same Standard For NFL As College Football

“Herbstreit was on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday and he said he is already at Pro Football Focus in Cincinnati doing his research.”



The NFL schedule was released last week, and Thursday Night Football has a lot of interesting matchups for its first year on Amazon Prime. It is also a new broadcast booth with Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit on the call. 

With Herbstreit now adding Thursday Night Football to College Gameday, he has already started preparing for the upcoming season. Herbstreit was on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday and he said he is already at Pro Football Focus in Cincinnati doing his research.

“I’m just trying to lay a foundation,” said Herbstreit. 

Herbstreit told McAfee that whenever anyone asks him to talk about a college team, he can quickly tell them what the DNA of that team is. Now he wants to bring that level of preparation to his NFL broadcasts. He will look at a different matchup every week this summer to get a more detailed idea of what each team is about: 

As for his connection with Al Michaels, Herbstreit mentioned he has gone out to dinner with him a couple of times and he wants to make going out to eat with his broadcast partner a frequent deal.

“Hung out with him 2-3 times. Had a chance just to get to know him. When you go into a new deal, I love like Wednesday night dinner, I want to make a staple and just hang out and get to know him and hopefully he will get to know me. When you do that, it allows you to have natural chemistry.”

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Andrew Mason To Succeed John Clayton At 104.3 The Fan

“Mason comes to The Fan from DNVR, a digital outlet where he provided written and audio content for the last three seasons.”



John Clayton passed away earlier this year. That left 104.3 The Fan without a lead Broncos writer for the 2022 season. On Monday, the station announced that it had hired a successor in Andrew Mason.

Mason comes to The Fan from DNVR, a digital outlet where he provided written and audio content for the last three seasons.

“Mase’s work speaks for itself as one of the market’s most respected analysts when it comes to writing about and discussing the Broncos,” Raj Sharan, The Fan’s program director, said in a press release. “Replacing someone of the legendary stature of John Clayton was not something we took lightly, and we believe Mase is the perfect person to pick up that mantle and bring tremendous credibility and content to our rapidly growing digital platforms.”

Andrew Mason has a lot of credibility with Broncos fans. He has covered the team for 19 years. He has also written a book called Tales from the Denver Broncos Sideline.

The Fan won’t be his first foray into Denver radio either. Mason has previously been a host on Mile High Sports Radio and the defunct KDSP- AM.

“I’m thrilled to join The Fan team and add what I can to the efforts of building Denver’s premier online destination for Denver fans,” said Mason. “Being tasked with replacing a legend like John Clayton is a responsibility I take very seriously, and I’m honored The Fan has entrusted me with this opportunity.”

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Gregg Giannotti: ‘Drew Brees Isn’t Used To Not Succeeding’

“He’s succeeded at everything he’s ever done and then he gets into the booth and they kick him out after one year. It’s a tough spot.”



What does the future hold for Drew Brees? Andrew Marchand reports that he is set to leave NBC. Brees himself says nothing is decided yet.

On Monday morning, Boomer & Gio discussed why the former quarterback is in this position just one year after making his broadcasting debut. Gregg Giannotti noted that if Brees was brought to NBC with the idea that he would eventually be the top game analyst, the criticism he faced last year and the network’s decision to stick with Cris Collinsworth in the Sunday Night Football booth were likely unexpected blows to his ego.

“That’s a tough spot, man, for him,” Gio said. “The guy’s been beloved his whole career. He did go through a little bit of it when people were all over his ass for saying the wrong thing one time, but here he goes. He’s succeeded at everything he’s ever done and then he gets into the booth and they kick him out after one year. It’s a tough spot.”

Boomer Esiason added that the criticism Drew Brees received for his work in the broadcast booth did not apply to his work on Football Night in America or the Sunday Night Football halftime show.

“He was good in the studio,” Boomer Esiason said. “I saw him in the studio and I liked him.”

Brees prefers calling games to work in the studio. According to Marchand’s report, that is what is at the heart of his potential exit from NBC.

The color commentator role may come with more prestige, but it isn’t easy. Esiason has experience with both positions. He calls games on the radio for Westwood One and has been a staple of CBS’s The NFL Today since 2002.

“Some guys are not meant to be game analysts, that’s all.”

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