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Damon Amendolara: Steve Somers Has ‘Some Legacy’

“The CBS Sports Radio host admired Somers’s ability to listen.”



Folks in the radio business felt Steve Somers’s influence far and wide over his 34 years at WFAN. CBS Sports Radio host Damon Amendolara penned a tribute piece to “Captain Midnight” and highlighted the banter they shared.

“I worked overnights at the beginning of CBS Sports Radio’s existence in 2013, and moved to evenings two years later,” Amendolara wrote. “We shared a floor and neighboring studios with WFAN. For those four-plus years, I got to stand around and kibitz with Steve before shows. Sure, we could’ve talked sports, but we’d be doing that anyway, as soon as the red light turned on. So, we usually chatted about radio; the headaches, the beauty, and what makes the medium so imperfectly perfect.”

There has never been a voice like Steve Somers, a unique sounding instrument that Amendolara made sure to highlight in his ode to the retired late-night host.

“Better known as ‘The Schmooze,’ Steve’s voice is like New York rain dripping off an awning,” Amendolara described. “When you flipped on the FAN at night, it sounded like a guy chatting at Katz’s over a pile of pastrami on rye. He has that Big Apple hybrid dialect of a thousand ethnic backgrounds — his ‘awls’ and ‘tawk’ and ‘WHAT IS IT ALREADY?’ punctuating every sentence. If Batman was Gotham, he’d be Commissioner Gordon’s sounding board at the Gotham Diner. ‘Oy, the Bane and the Riddler and the noise and the chaos… WHAT IS IT ALREADY?’ There’s Steve, grabbing a pack of Camels and the New York Post from the corner bodega, lamenting over another Mets calamity.”

The CBS Sports Radio host admired Somers’s ability to listen. He zoomed in on the fact that Somers never lost his touch with the audience.

“Steve treated his listeners like gold, as though he couldn’t believe they would even care enough to call. He knew not to take himself too seriously. And he realized this is only sports, so don’t get too worked up over being right. I wish our industry did all of those things better. Thirty-four years on the air in one place is an extraordinary accomplishment unto itself, but also leaving everyone you ever spoke to feeling appreciated? Man, that’s some legacy.”

Check out Amendolara’s full tribute piece to “Captain Midnight” here.

Sports Radio News

Paul Konerko: Les Grobstein’s Recorder As Iconic As Zapruder Film

“He said the iconic audio of Elia’s rant was shared in the clubhouse with regularity.”



After news of Les Grobstein’s death became public earlier this week, plenty of friends and colleagues in and around Chicago offered public tributes and shared memories of him. Around the country, many people noted that Grobstein may be best known as the reporter that asked the question that inspired Lee Elia’s famous rant about unemployed Cubs fans.

On Thursday, that question and the piece of equipment it was recorded on were in the spotlight on 670 The Score. Former White Sox slugger Paul Konerko joined Parkins and Spiegel to share memories of his interactions with Les Grobstein. He said the iconic audio of Elia’s rant was shared in the clubhouse with regularity.

“When we first heard it, we thought it had to be an act or someone pretending,” the former first baseman said. “Then obviously we found out it wasn’t. I mean, that year alone, I probably listened to it a thousand times.”

Paul Konerko got very curious to learn more about the story behind the rant when he found out that Les Grobstein was the one that had recorded it. On top of that, he still had and used the same recorder to talk to Konerko and his teammates that he used to talk to Lee Elia in 1983. He joked that the recorder looked like it was already 40 years old when it captured the iconic moment.

“You know, Les wasn’t always around us, so when he came in it was like a special occasion, and it was clearly going to be the topic of conversation every time I saw the man.”

It wasn’t lost on Konerko that Grobstein’s presence gave him the chance to learn more about one of the more infamous moments in Chicago sports history. The presence of the recorder made it hard not to want to re-enact the exchange.

“To me, it’s like the Zapruder film in the JFK assassination, you know? It’s like such a famous piece of evidence that this really happened.”

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Dan Patrick Tries To Steal Mike Ryan From Dan Le Batard

“I’m going to be a Dan you love.”



Last month, longtime Dan Patrick Show staffer and “Dannette” Andrew “McLovin” Perloff departed the show for the greener pastures of CBS Sports Radio and a show of his own with Maggie Gray.

For now, there still hasn’t been a replacement for Perloff found, and his chair on the show’s set remains empty. On Thursday, as part of a bit, Patrick made an attempt to secure a replacement while appearing on The Dan Le Betard Show with Stugotz.

That replacement was Le Betard’s executive producer Mike Ryan. Dan Patrick joined the show acting like nobody told Le Betard the news.

“What am I missing here? I apologize, because Dan was surprised when I said I have the ‘Dannettes’ here,” Patrick said. “I got Seton and Paulie ready to welcome Mike Ryan to take over for McLovin’s seat here.”

“We’re going to treat you with respect,” he added. “I’m going to be a Dan you love.”

After some back and forth, and much to the continued confusion of Le Betard, Ryan said the idea of joining Patrick’s operation was appealing.

“This is interesting, and you’re on television, which is something I miss,” he said.

Patrick continued the point that Mike Ryan would be welcomed with open arms and made a co-executive producer of his show.

“Don’t worry about any of this nonsense,” he said. “I’m sick of the shit that these guys put you through…The gloves are off, Dan!”

Le Betard said he held Patrick in high regard because Patrick helped him make the transition from ESPN to DraftKings. He told Patrick they couldn’t be friends anymore with this betrayal.

“You’re raiding my family! What are you doing?” Le Betard said.

Dan Patrick finished off the bit with one last jab before Le Betard told him to go away.

“This is the transfer portal of radio shows,” he said. “I just wanted to let you know.”

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Doug Franz Launching Sports Betting Podcast, ‘Props Arizona,’ With Sean Lockhart

“I appreciate Doug & Wolf listeners more than they’ll ever know, and I’m excited for them to experience my new podcast Props Arizona.”



Following his dismissal from Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, Doug Franz has found a new gig. Franz will join sports gambling expert Sean “Papa Bear” Lockhart to host a new podcast for titled Props Arizona.

Franz was a mainstay on Phoenix sports talk radio, co-hosting The Doug and Wolf Show in the market for 15 years. Parent company Bonneville Phoenix said Franz would be moved to a “digital role” in shuffling the Arizona Sports daily lineup last August.

But Franz said he was effectively fired. Soon after leaving 98.7 FM, he launched a daily podcast titled Doug Franz Unplugged.

Lockhart has been a mainstay in Arizona, consulting on sports betting and sales since graduating from Arizona State. He’s provided analysis for several sports betting podcasts and digital shows, in addition to his own website, for several years.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Sean on this new podcast,” said Franz in the official announcement from gambling media company American Affiliate. “I appreciate Doug & Wolf listeners more than they’ll ever know, and I’m excited for them to experience my new podcast Props Arizona.”

For American Affiliate, which has several sports betting and investment properties in its portfolio including BetPrep and Wagers, Props Arizona is the first regional (or state-exclusive) spinoff of its Props City podcast.

Props Arizona is set to launch at the end of January. The show will be available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. A teaser for the show is currently online for download.

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