Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

Jay Mariotti

Jay Mariotti, called ``the most impacting Chicago sportswriter of the past quarter-century,’’ is the host of ``Unmuted,’’ a frequent podcast about sports and life (Apple, Spotify, etc.). He is an accomplished columnist, TV commentator and radio host. As a Los Angeles resident, he gravitated by osmosis to movie projects. He appears Wednesdays on The Dino Costa Show, a segment billed as ``The Rawest Hour in Sports.’’ Compensation for this column is donated to the Chicago Sun-Times Charity Trust. He can be reached on Twitter @MariottiSports.

5 Who Get It, 5 Who Don’t

A weekly analysis of the best and worst in sports media from a multimedia content prince — thousands of columns, TV debates, radio programs and podcasts — who is neither a cardboard cutout nor a virtual fan.