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How to Set Up Your Profile

You’ve signed up for the BSM Membership, How do I update my profile? Here’s a step by step way to get the most out your BSM Profile.

Step 1: Navigate back to the Main Directory Page here. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on “Edit Profile”

Step 2: Setting Up Your Display Name & Social Profiles. Scroll down once the page opens and update the information as you see fit. IF you update your email – we will send a validation email to make sure it’s a proper email address.

Step 3: Biography and Headshot/Image: Scroll down to the About Yourself Section. Feel free to write as much or as little about yourself here. Your profile picture is what will show in the directory – We recommend using a square sized black & white image. If you need help – just reach out to us and we can size it/color it for you.

Step 4: Company, Audio Clips, Resume & YouTube Links. Simply type in your Company information and your location. The location will show on the full directory page (where all profiles are located). You can upload mp3s of your audio clips. For your resume – please upload a doc or pdf of your resume. For the video – please use the direct YouTube link, you do not need to use the iframe or embed code. If you have any problems – please contact us for any help!

Step 5: You’re All Done! Click the Update Profile button at the bottom and you’re all set!

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