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Jeff Pantridge

Jeff Pantridge

Jeff Pantridge

Biographical Info Jeff Pantridge is an 20-year spoken word radio veteran who is currently a Digital Sales Representative for WRAL in Raleigh, NC. His on-air stops include ESPN Radio 94.1 in Virginia Beach and Sportsradio 98.7 The Fan in Tampa Bay. Pants (That's what his friends call him) is not your typical sports radio host. He's not going to beat you over the head with stats, and he wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those radio station polos you see in the BSM Top 20 photos every year. While The Pants Party will always focus on sports first, we celebrate life, love, comedy, music, culture and so much more!

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Level BSM Gold - Monthly

Start Date August 29, 2022

Location Raleigh, NC

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