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Take advantage of a new way to reach BSM’s audience and generate awareness of your company’s sales, promotions and special events. 

Sponsored posts are similar to native ads, where the sponsored content is designed to fit into the environment it appears in. The material doesn’t clash with or disrupt our existing content.

If you open a magazine, read other websites or watch television, you’ll find sponsored content appears everywhere. It’s created to look just like a normal website article or an on-air piece of content that blends in. You may not even realize that you’re consuming a paid piece of content because it isn’t delivered in an aggressive manner with a focus on producing a sale nor is it off brand from the rest of the content you read or watch/listen to.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to display your content to our audience, Sponsored posts start at $300. You craft the message and content. We have final approval on any content that hits our website.

Be advised, BSM does not provide do-follow links as it can compromise our standing with Google. We do permit a link to your site or company inside the body of the article you’d display on our site and we don’t allow links to be placed into other stories already posted on our site.

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