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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Jim Cutler Demos


AP Reporters Decry Colleague’s Firing in Letter

Recently, the Associated Press fired a reporter over pro-Palestinian tweets she posted
during her time in college. As a result, more than 100 AP reporters have signed an open
letter protesting the firing of Emily Wilder.

“Journalists demand transparency from the subjects of our reporting and seek to hold
the powerful accountable,” the letter stated.

“That’s why we strongly disapprove of the way the AP has handled the firing of Emily
Wilder and its days long silence internally. We demand more clarity from the company
about why Wilder was fired.”

Wilder began working for the AP on May 3rd as an entry-level reporter role of news

However, two weeks later, the Stanford College Republicans posted a series of tweets
showing activism on behalf of Palestinian causes that Wilder was involved in while
attending Stanford two years ago. Two days later, she was fired on May 19th.

The Hill reached out to the AP to comment on the open letter with more than 100
signatures from its employees.

“The Associated Press looks forward to continuing the conversation with staff about
AP’s social media policy,” the AP spokesperson said via email.

Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo is the Assistant Content Editor for BNM, which includes writing daily news stories on the news media industry. He can be found on Twitter @eddierazo_ or you can reach him by email at [email protected].

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