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Bruce GilbertSenior Vice President of Sports, Cumulus/Westwood One

“Jason Barrett is one of the most creative, conscientious programmers in Sports Radio today. He’s detail oriented and fixated on making sure every minute on his radio station matters. He gets the most out of his team, he respects the medium, he takes creative and calculated chances, and he flat out gets results. Jason “gets it”.”

Ric BucherBleacher Report NBA Senior Writer/Video Analyst, Sirius XM Radio Host, NBA Sideline Reporter

“JB understands every aspect of the radio business and has a deep passion for it, all of which is reflected by his track record. Not only does he have a great intuitive ear, but he is relentless about developing new ideas to upgrade the vibrancy and entertainment value of his programming.”

Tom Parker – Program Director, 105.7 The Fan in Milwaukee

I really appreciated all that Jason put into the sessions with my staff. It got everyone’s brains working and I know I definitely felt the benefit. As a Programmer, you get sucked into so many things that don’t directly relate to the product. Spending the time with Jason helped remind me of what can be done and will help me refocus on what is really important for my staff and our brand.

John Hanson – Program Director, 610 Sports in Kansas City

Jason was very well prepared and did a great job with my staff. I know each of them enjoyed his coaching and ideas, as did I. Since having him in, I’ve been busy pulling audio of where we revert to old habits, but the difference is, the guys are immediately acknowledging the mistake. That’s a huge testament to Jason’s work striking a chord.

Jeremiah CroweProgram Director, KNBR in San Francisco

“Jason embraced an opportunity many PD’s would’ve balked at when he came to SF to build 95.7 The Game from scratch in 2011. He never wavered in maintaining his vision throughout his 4 years in SF to ensure the station closed on the competition…a heritage station that had superior play-by-play rights and a 30 year head start. Now in this ultra-competitive market 95.7 The Game sits firmly in the top 10 and there’s no doubt in my mind that Jason’s determination, creativity & passion for the brand is the primary reason for the station’s success.

Jason is tough on his employees and demands the best from everyone, but is fair when critiquing people’s work and rewards those who go above and beyond as he does. I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from him as his APD, and would go to battle beside him in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever presented itself again. He’s the best kind of leader a company could ask for and deserves the attention of any group looking to grow their product into a winner both on-air and behind the scenes.”

Dwight Walker – Retired VP/Market Manager, Entercom San Francisco

“I had the privilege of working with Jason while he launched 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. I am convinced that Jason is one of the finest sports audio entertainment brand managers in the country. He has an insatiable appetite for knowing the local sports landscape as well as the best sports radio talent across the nation. Just like professional sports coaches, Jason’s good work is on full display at 95.7 The Game!

John Kijowski – VP/Market Manager, Hubbard Radio Saint Louis 

“Jason is a very focused and driven leader. He is self motivated and has an incredible work ethic. I love his passion to succeed!”

Dave Milner – Senior Vice President/West Coast, Cumulus Media

“Jason’s passion and focus for the business sets him apart from his peers. He is a true leader to his team and a strong partner with Sales. Jason is a winner!”

John Goforth – Former Sales Manager at 670 The Score in Chicago; Former Account Executive for 101 ESPN and 590 The Fan in St. Louis

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason twice in my career. The first was at KFNS and the second was at 101 ESPN. Jason is a GREAT programmer. I’ve never worked with another person on the programming side, on ANY level, with his attention to detail. He will not only out smart his competition, but he’ll out work them too. He’s always been a “first in, last out” type of guy. His work ethic and professional prowess led 101 ESPN from being a non-entity to the 2nd highest rated sports talk station in the country! 

As a sales guy, the most impressive part to me were the ideas he’d provide on a weekly basis to help clients grow their business. He was able to provide unique solutions to clients while maintaining the quality of the product. THAT is the sign of a great programmer.”

Tony SoftliFormer VP of Player Personnel for the St. Louis Rams and Director of College Scouting for the Carolina Panthers; Host at Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle

“I learned radio from the Barrett School of Hard Knocks, with a lot of tough love and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Jason hired me as a NFL Analyst in 2010 after 15 years as a NFL Personnel Man, 11 as a front office executive with zero radio background. He had an immediate impact on my broadcasting career with his knowledge, structure and guidance which propelled me into a 5 year education of the media business.

Because of Jason’s inspiration and leadership to motivate and encourage his staff to be the best, the dedication to his craft and discipline to walk the line each and every day, I have been very successful on this side of the fence. He promoted me to a Sideline Reporter for the Rams Radio Network, helped me create and promote my brand via Twitter and Facebook, critiqued and instructed me on web site videos and weekly blogs. He prepared me for my next step as a Host and On-Air Talent.

Today I stay extremely busy with weekly national radio exclusives as an NFL Analyst and Sports Executive, all because of Jason Barrett.”

Jeff Schmidt – Radio Creative Director, 107.7 The Bone and 104.5 KFOG; Former Imaging Director of 95.7 The Game and KFOX

Jason arrived in San Francisco to take on one of the toughest jobs in Sports Radio – to build from scratch – a consistently credible competitor to a highly rated, nationally respected heritage brand that held all the most desirable local play by play properties. Clearly not an environment for a “making sure the trains run on time” type “Program Manager”. This job required an architect with a unique vision, and the balls and passion to join his team in the trenches lugging the bricks needed to build the brand he envisioned. It was a job I now know after 4 years of working with him was perfectly written for Jason Barrett’s skills.

Jason brings a strong vision and leadership – yes – but he isn’t so rigid he won’t re-examine issues when facts or circumstances change. Rather than impose a strict micro-managing style, Jason took the time to learn how to manage each personality according to what it takes to get the best from them. That and his big regard for creativity earned him my highest respect.

I can’t recommend Jason Barrett enough to any organization that wants to build something unique under the leadership of highly creative and dynamic manager. 

Josh Pearlman – Director of National Promotions, Entercom Communications

“Jason is a true leader in every sense of the word. He’s one of the most prepared manager’s and passionate motivators that I’ve ever worked with. He tirelessly strives to put his team members in the best position to succeed and his history of great results is a testament to what kind of results he can bring to an organization. I enjoyed working with Jason every single day that I had the opportunity to do and he will unequivocally make your team better from day one.”

Randy Karraker – Host of “The Fast Lane” on 101 ESPN in St. Louis

“Jason Barrett is a superb leader. His attention to detail, motivational skills and communication are top shelf. And he knows how to prepare sportscasters to succeed, reaching number one in the ratings race. I can’t recommend Jason as a Programmer high enough. He is a leader in his field.”

John Kincade – Host of “The John Kincade Show” on CBS Sports Radio and “Buck & Kincade” on 680 The Fan in Atlanta

“Jason has one of the best set of “ears” in the industry. I worked with him more than a decade ago, but have checked back in with him often for opinions on my work and the industry. He has a great knack for getting under the hood with talent and has a lot of insight to share.”

Joe FortenbaughCo-Host of “Joe, Lo and Dibs” on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco

“I’ve known Jason since November of 2014 when he hired me to work at 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, so our relationship at first glance may not appear as close as some would expect. But that is far from the reality of the situation. In a short time working together, I’ve found Jason to be one of the most approachable, knowledgeable and affable individuals I’ve ever worked with.

His management style is very hands on, he is extremely detail oriented and, most importantly, he is a tremendous teacher. As a boss, you couldn’t ask for somebody more committed, dedicated and detail oriented. As a leader, you couldn’t ask for somebody with more patience and desire. As a friend, you couldn’t ask for somebody better to have a beer with.”

Freddie Coleman – Host of “The Freddie Coleman Show” on ESPN Radio

“I don’t know of anyone smarter in our business than Jason Barrett. Great instincts, plays it fair, tells the truth and is a quality person on top of that. I still miss working with him and I’m not surprised that he has been able to conquer so many mountains.”

Bob Sargent – Director of Broadcasting, San Francisco 49ers

“Jason is a very dedicated professional who has been a joy to work with the past three seasons and someone that has a unique passion for sports broadcasting I respect immensely.”

Mary (Margreiter) Hediger – Marketing and Public Relations Consultant for Big Bang Marketing Consultants in St. Louis

“Jason is a dynamic and insightful leader, and he possesses a creative attitude and a shrewd business acumen, which both serve him well in his role as a Sports Radio Program Director.  I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jason on a variety of projects and events while he was at 101 ESPN, and I always felt that he was well organized and extremely easy to work with. Jason is a good communicator, and kept his team and partners informed and motivated. He’s one of the best PD’s I’ve worked with in the radio business!”

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